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Voted Orlando's BEST KARAOKE in 2013 by YOU!

Also voted 2nd BEST Karaoke in Orlando in 2010, 2012 and 2014!

best karaoke in orlando 2014 Voted 2nd Best Karaoke in Orlando, thanks to you! Orlando Weekly's Best of 2014
best karaoke in orlando 2013 Voted BEST Karaoke in Orlando, thanks to you! Orlando Weekly's Best of 2013
orlando karaoke best of 2012 Voted 2nd Best Karaoke in Orlando, thanks to you! Orlando Weekly's Best of 2012
Best of 2010 - 2nd Place! Voted 2nd Best Karaoke in Orlando, thanks to you! Orlando Weekly's Best of 2010


About Korndoggs Karaoke in Orlando:

Korndoggs Karaoke started back in November of 2007, at a bar formally called The Globe (currently Hooch), which is located on Wall St. Plaza in Orlando, FL. The Karaoke night originated because Korndogg went to a Karaoke bar, the host didnt appreciate his sign up name as "Darth Vader's Hotter, Older, Brother", and told Korndogg to get off the stage because he already sang once that night. Upset, he left, and the manager offered him his own night at Wall St hosting Karaoke. Thus it began… 

After a about 2 months of planning, learing and purchasing, the night started… but it was far from any other karaoke night. Korndogg loved Guitar Hero, so at this karaoke night, one could sing the karaoke songs offered OR play Guitar Hero on stage, while your friend sang along with a print out of the words. The night also provided props, costumes and even a crappy disco ball he brought in. Once Rock Band was released, it was a no brainer to have that replace Guitar Hero. Rock Band has since been removed from the bar nights, but still remains a fun and interactive section of our private events.

With mild use of his degree from the Univesity of Central Florida, Korndogg began the growth of the company to cover the demand from the city by bringing on additional talented hosts, as well as offering other forms of entertainment. Not just typical entertainment however, more innovative and entertaining way of what Orlando currently had to offer. Our DJ nights accept requests and shy away from what every other venue offers (new top 40 and hi hop), we still play them, but creatively mix in songs like "Old Time Rock and Roll" and "Tootsie Roll". Our trivia nights incorporate audio and visual elements to entertain and stumble your brain, and our Dirty Bingo nights (adopted from Wall St) have been rated the best Orlando has to offer due to a combination of the most talented and witty hosts, FREE bingo cards, more nightly prizes and giveaways and exciting format for winning.

Currently our team continues to prevail in hosting Orlando's most entertaining nights around, from Karaoke to Dirty Bingo. With multiple bars, offering entertainment every night of the week, there is always something fun to do. Just check out our Orlando Karaoke Calendar and choose your day. Korndogg and his team of awesome are also available to host your next event. From a friends sweet 16 to your elaborate wedding day. From a corporate team building exercise to your long awaited retirement party. We use state of the art equipment, which can be viewed on our Private Party and Wedding page.

Some of the clients we have worked with in the past are:

  • Ticketmaster
  • EA Sports
  • Susan G. Komen Brest Cancer Foundation
  • Florida Hospital
  • Comp USA
  • Orlando City Soccer
  • Jeremiah's Ice
  • Pfizer
  • Multi Image Group
  • Hooters
  • Lake Highland Prepatory School
  • Configurations
  • Bishop Beal Real Estate
  • Delta Delta Delta Sorority
  • Kappa Delta Sorority
  • ProStage
  • Rollins College
  • Screen Gems Films Studios
  • And Many More!


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