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Orlando's Best Dirty and Bar Tab Bingo!

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Dirty Bingo: 

Love Bingo? Love sex toys? Love winning FREE sex toys and drinks just for being a Bingo ninja? Love laughing, and experiencing a night where a "Boobs of the Night" award is given out? Then you will LOVE any and all of our Dirty Bingo nights. Hosted by Orlando's finest and most enjoyable hosts. This is not a night for the children, so leave them at home – A lot of adult content, but what did you expect from a place that awards you a giant black dildo for winning at Bingo. Its a night of comedy and fun, but get there early because its all about seating. When a Bingo is won, its the first person to the stage that gets the prize. While we are referencing bodily functions and not so lovely issues, its way too difficult to have our eyes in the sky to see who called it out first. Besides, we love seeing babes run to the stage, Baywatch was famous for a reason, you do the math.

To view our Dirty Bingo Nights in Orlando, click on our Orlando Karaoke Calendar and look for the Dirty Bingo logo:

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