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Karaoke Nights

Our Karaoke Nights in Orlando are second to none! This may be boasted by every company in the world, but with the combination of our hosts personalities, the venues we work with, way we run our shows, and constant update of Karaoke songs, come see why WE can post this wtih confidence. Just check out our Google Reviews!

Dirty Bingo Nightsdirty bingo

We have been running Dirty Bingo in Orlando longer than any other company, plus we have the best show format, as well as prizes offered. We give away more prizes with better quality than any other production in town. No uncomfortable out of the package cheap dildos help by some creepy host. Come see why our shows are knows for their comedic factor and super good Packaged sex toys.

DJ Nightsorlando dj nights

Our DJs play for the crowds, without falling into the same rut as the majority of DJs we have noticed (playing only top 40 and new hip hop). We offer similar music, with smooth transitions at fun venues. We will take requests, play new songs, but also jam out to classics – enabling you to have fun, dance, and meet babes (or dudes). Come see why your feet, liver and lips will be sore the following day at work.

Trivia Nights

Our Trivia nights in Orlando have been altered to please your mind, body and soul. We offer the same trivia format, with our own personal touch. Without revelaing why our shows are more interactive than other Trivia hosts, come enjoy some food, drinks and laughs – while hopefully winning to cover your tab.

Cards Against Humanity Nights

cards against humanity orlando

Cards Against Humanity is… well… a Party Game for Horrible People! The way we run our shows ensures that all laugh, have fun, and are given an equal chance to win! Prizes for the most part, include free booze of all sorts – helping fuel your already dirty mind. Our hosts entertain, pass out cards, and choose winning combinations all while you sit back, relax, laugh and of course… eat and drink! Come check us out!

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